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Trucking accidents can cause some of the most serious injuries of any crash. Far too many are fatal or result in life-changing disabilities. Semi accident victims facing a sudden change in their futures may feel like there is nothing they can do to get their lives back. They need legal advice to get compensation for their hurt and loss.

Are you attempting to recover from a semi-truck or 18-wheeler accident because of a trucker’s negligence?

You don’t have to worry about the legal system any longer. In Athens, in Hartwell and throughout Northeast Georgia, The Van Dora Law Firm, LLC, has experienced truck accident attorneys who will empower you and fight for your interests in and out of court.

Semi-Trucks and 18-Wheelers Cause Serious Injury and Fatal Accidents

Any car crash can be severe, but the larger the vehicle and the higher the speed, the more likely an accident can turn fatal. Semi-trucks and 18-wheelers are some of the biggest vehicles on the road. When they speed down a highway or try to maneuver the tight corners of a downtown area, their size, weight, and momentum can cause serious, life-changing injuries to the people they hurt. A truck accident can easily turn fatal when a large tractor-trailer strikes a pedestrian or bicyclist, or jack-knifes in front of a small sedan.

Truckers spend hours on the road every week. So many, in fact, that they may become tired, distracted, or negligent behind the wheel. When over-the-road truckers push their hours to meet a deadline, the results can sometimes be devastating.

A Truck Accident Isn’t Just Another Car Crash

Motor vehicle accidents have a lot in common. It doesn’t matter how many wheels the vehicle has, it can still cause personal injury when it hits another car. However, treating a truck accident as just another car crash can limit your available insurance benefit options, and ignore key evidence to prove the truck driver was driving negligently.

Under Georgia law, if you are hit by another driver, your personal injury attorney can identify the insurance coverage of the at-fault party before going to court and negotiate with that insurer to cover your medical expenses and lost wages. However, if you can’t reach a resolution you will have to sue the at-fault driver directly. If the jury returns a verdict higher than the insurance cap, you will be forced to collect the remaining balance from the other driver themselves.

However, in truck accident cases, you can sue the truck driver, the trucking company, and even the insurance company directly. If the truck was carrying dangerous materials, there may even be a separate claim against the company ordering the transportation. That means there are more options available to collect your damages, and you are more likely to recover enough money to cover all your losses.

Trucking Regulations Help Injured Motorists Prove Negligence

Long distance commercial transportation is a highly regulated industry. There are laws and rules covering everything from time behind the wheel to tire pressure. Truckers are required to maintain a log of everything they do with their truck. That can work to your advantage in a truck accident lawsuit. Your personal injury lawyer can use that log (or the fact that it is missing) to prove that the semi driver was violating the law and caused your crash.

Free Consultation with Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers Who Protect Your Rights

At The Van Dora Law Firm, LLC, our personal injury legal team has one goal at every stage of your case: to get you the maximum financial compensation you deserve. We can help you recoup lost wages, health care expenses and motor vehicle replacement costs. You may also qualify for damages that reflect your physical pain and suffering, and emotional trauma. When a fatal truck accident takes the life of a spouse or family member, we can help you collect wrongful death damages including funeral and burial expenses and loss of companionship or support.

Everything we do for you and your family after a truck accident is on a strictly contingency fee basis. That means you don’t owe us any attorney fees unless we win your case. It also means you have nothing to lose, and potentially much to gain, by contacting us to discuss your truck accident.

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