What is a Settlement?

Not every workers' compensation or personal injury claim has to go to trial. Litigation can be very long and expensive. Just because your attorney takes a case to trial doesn't mean it is being taken more seriously or that it will get you a better result. In fact, trial can oftentimes be riskier as it is not left up to the parties in the case to come up with an agreement. Instead a judge or jury will decide the outcome and how much compensation is awarded if any.

The benefit of a settlement agreement between parties in a work injury or accident case is the ability to cater the terms of the settlement to your specific needs. In addition, a settlement can often be more efficient and less costly. This way you can move on with your life rather than be tied up in litigation for months or even years.

How to Get a Settlement Agreement

A settlement agreement can be achieved through more than one ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) method. These are methods other than litigation of a lawsuit. The first type of method is through negotiations. While negotiation is a skill that an attorney can use in various stages of any workers' compensation or injury case, it is a very important avenue toward full and fair compensation.

Another type of method is mediation. Mediation is where a third-party neutral facilities negotiations between parties. Through mediation, parties are often able to create an agreement that caters to their specific goals. There is less risk because you know exactly what you are agreeing to. Furthermore, if parties are not able to come to an agreement through mediation they can go forward with litigation if necessary.

At The Van Dora Law Firm, LLC, we provide seasoned and dedicated negotiation and mediation services to clients. With over four decades of combined experience, our attorneys have extensive knowledge and skills when it comes to negotiating a settlement on a client's behalf.

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