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Help with Georgia Social Security Disability Claims

Hartwell / Athens Social Security Disability Attorneys Serving Northeast Georgia

When a mental or physical disability leaves you unable to work, you need to know there are government programs to help. You can’t be waiting for months, or even years, to receive your benefits. You or your loved one need to know your social security disability claims will be filed properly the first time, and that you’ll be taken care of if an appeal is necessary.

The Van Dora Law Firm, LLC, provides compassionate and personal service to workers facing permanent disabilities. With offices in Hartwell and Athens, we represent individuals and families seeking social security disability benefits throughout northeast Georgia. Our father and sons team will come alongside you and help file your initial social security disability insurance (SSDI) application or appeal a SSDI claim denial. We have over 40 years of combined legal experience to put to work for you and your loved ones.

Do You Need Help Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits?

Are you suffering from a long-term or permanent physical or mental disability? Does your condition make it impossible to work and leave you wondering how you will pay your bills? Does a child or family member need ongoing care and support for their chronic illness or developmental disability?

The Van Doras know how hard it can be wrestle with a physical or mental disability. When a progressive disease, mental health challenge, or physical injury leaves you unable to hold down employment, we are here to help. We understand the federal and Georgia social security laws and filing requirements and can help you get your application for social security benefits approved the first time. We will help you gather the records and documents you need to demonstrate your disability and prepare the application for you, so you know you won’t be denied because of a procedural technicality. We can also work with your family to make sure your benefits continue, even if you are no longer able to apply for yourself.

Are You Looking for Ways to Get Your Social Security Disability Claim Approved Faster?

The average Georgia social security disability claim takes over a year from application to final determination. That’s a long time for a disabled person to balance medical bills, household expenses, and the everyday cost of living. To get your social security disability claim approved faster, you need an experienced legal team to help you from the very start. In most cases, delays in receiving claims decisions or benefits come from failure to provide enough information to the Administrative Law Judge or Office of Disability and Adjudication Review (ODAR).

The Van Doras know what it takes to move a social security disability claim from application to approval quickly. We will meet with you early, before you have even applied, to help you gather your documents and prepare the application properly, so you can avoid unnecessary delays in receiving your benefits.

Has Your Social Security Disability Claim Been Denied?

Unfortunately, over half of all Georgia social security disability claims are denied on their first application. When you receive a social security disability denial you only have a limited amount of time to file a Request for Reconsideration and protect your right to receive benefits. You need the help of an experienced legal team to collect the proof you need to demonstrate your disability and receive your benefits.

The Van Dora Law Firm is here to take the stress away from appealing a social security disability claim denial. Our family-owned law firm will help you identify problems with your application and provide supplemental information along with your Request for Reconsideration, so that you can be approved and start receiving benefits as soon as possible. We will help you through the Georgia social security disability application and appeals process so you can focus on maintaining your health.

Free Consultation with Our Georgia Probate Attorneys

When long-term or permanent disability leaves you facing the need for social security disability benefits, you need someone with skill and experience to see you through. We urge you to discuss your social security disability needs during a free initial consultation with us. Our compassionate attorneys serve families in Hartwell, Athens, in Northeast Georgia and across the state. With one local call to 706-377-4044 in the Hartwell or Athens areas, we can arrange to visit with you and your loved one at your home or their hospital room. We also welcome you to email or contact us online.

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