Help for Georgia Families Estate and Probate Law Issues

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When a family member or loved one can’t handle their own affairs, it can put a strain on the whole family. Whether you need help getting authority to make medical choices, financial decisions, or the distribution of a loved one’s assets after their death, you need a skilled and compassionate probate lawyer willing to work with you and your family in this difficult time.

The Van Dora Law Firm, LLC, provides compassionate and personal service to families in times of need. With offices in Hartwell and Athens, we represent the families of elderly, disabled, or deceased loved ones throughout northeast Georgia. Our father and sons team will come alongside you and help you resolve your loved one’s probate matter and final wishes. We have over 40 years of combined legal experience to put to work for you and your loved ones.

Does Your Older or Disabled Family Member Need Help Making Decisions?

Is your loved one suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's disease? Are you worried about the choices they are making with their money? Is their health declining because they aren’t taking their medicine or tending to their own needs?

The Van Doras know how hard it can be to watch a family member struggle to care for themselves. When old age, a terminal diagnosis, or other disability leaves a loved one unable to make their own decisions, we are here to help. We understand Georgia probate law and can help you get authority to make decisions on your loved one’s behalf through a guardianship (for health and welfare decisions) or a conservatorship (for financial matters). We will help your family weigh the options of who to appoint. We can also work with your family to make sure the appointed guardian or conservator meets all the court’s reporting requirements.

Do You Need Help Handling a Loved One’s Estate?

When a loved one dies, handling their final affairs can be emotional, time consuming, and complicated. Even if your family member had a complete estate plan with a will, it can still take time and effort to carry out their last wishes. The Van Dora Law Firm is here to take the burden away from grieving family members and help them resolve their family member’s final wishes. Our family-owned law firm will help you identify your relative’s assets and debts, along with any will or estate planning they did during their lifetime. We will help you through the Georgia estate administration process so you can focus on supporting your family members.

To ease any concerns you might have about the cost of our probate law services, in most cases our fees can be paid out of the estate. In some cases the guardian, conservator, or executor (person handling a will) can also be compensated for their work. That means you don’t have to worry about attorney fees once your loved one’s needs and wishes are met.

Free Consultation with Our Georgia Probate Attorneys

When disability, final illness, or the passing of a loved one leaves you facing probate concerns, you need someone with skill and experience to see you through. We urge you to discuss your probate needs during a free initial consultation with us. Our compassionate attorneys serve families in Hartwell, Athens, in Northeast Georgia and across the state. With one local call to 706-377-4044 in the Hartwell or Athens areas, we can arrange to visit with you and your loved one at your home or their hospital room. We also welcome you to email or contact us online.