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Everyone can benefit from having a clear plan for the end of their lives. Whether you are concerned about who will make decisions on your behalf, or where your assets will go after your death, you need a skilled and compassionate estate planning lawyer who can help you consider your options and create a plan to see you and your family through the tough times.

The Van Dora Law Firm, LLC, provides compassionate and personal service to individuals and families considering their end-of-life care and final wishes. With offices in Hartwell and Athens, we represent people of all ages from Northeast Georgia looking to be proactive about their estate planning needs. Our father and sons team will sit with you and help you answer the tough questions about your final wishes and health care preferences. We have over 40 years of combined legal experience to put to work for you and your family.

Do You Want to Control Your End-of-Life Care?

Are you worried about what might happen to you if you can’t make decisions for yourself? Do you have specific wishes for your end-of-life care? Do your religious or philosophical ideals affect what treatment you wish to receive?

The Van Doras know that sometimes the best way to prepare for a terminal condition or end-of-life illness is to be proactive. We can help you create an estate plan complete with:

  • Advance directives for health care which tell doctors and loved ones what you would want done in specific health situations.
  • HIPAA authorizations which allow doctors and hospitals to speak to your loved ones about your condition.
  • Power of attorney documents which give specific people authority to make medical and financial decisions when you cannot.

We will sit with you and help you describe your medical treatment wishes and decide who to appoint to help you if you cannot make those decisions yourself. By creating these documents now, while you are healthy, you can help your loved ones avoid the cost and emotional strain of a Georgia probate case later on.

How Do You Want Your Affairs Handled When You Are Gone?

Do you want to donate your organs to those in need? Are you planning to make legacy donations to your favorite charities or causes? Do you have family or other loved ones you want to receive your property once you are gone?

The Van Dora Law Firm can help you prepare a complete estate plan that will cover everything from burial preferences to complex family inheritances. We understand Georgia probate law, as well as state and federal estate tax laws, and can help you create a will and a plan to pass on your assets after you pass.

We also stand by our clients and their families throughout all of life’s changes. If your will no longer reflects what you want to happen, we can help you revise it to include everyone you want to recognize after your death. When the time comes, our estate administration attorneys will help your family members execute your wishes and comply with all court reporting requirements.

Do You Need to Protect Your Assets or a Disabled Loved One’s Benefits?

Do you have young children who are not ready to receive their inheritance? Does a loved one have special needs or receive state benefits that could be put at risk if they come into money? Would you prefer information about your estate to remain private? Do you want to avoid probate court altogether?

The Van Doras know you want what is best for your family and loved ones once your gone. But you may not realize the benefits of a trust to protect your family, your assets, and your privacy. We know how to make use of Georgia trust law to make sure what you want happens. Whether you care for someone with special needs, or simply want to control when a young person receives their inheritance, we can help you find the right estate planning tool to meet your priorities. We will meet with you to review your family’s circumstances and their needs. That way you don’t have to worry that you could accidentally make their lives worse by leaving them money.

Free Consultation with Our Georgia Estate Planning Attorneys

When it is time to think about your end-of-life decisions, you need someone with skill and experience to guide you and your family through the process. We urge you to discuss your estate planning needs during a free initial consultation with us. Our compassionate attorneys serve families in Hartwell, Athens, in Northeast Georgia and across the state. With one local call to 706-377-4044 in the Hartwell or Athens areas, we can arrange to visit with you and your loved one at your home or their hospital room. We also welcome you to email or contact us online.