The Basics of Wrongful Death Claims in Georgia

Who brings a wrongful death lawsuit?

The surviving spouse, parent or a child or children may bring the wrongful death action. One tragedy surrounding fatal auto accidents is that often the person killed is in the prime of life with a spouse and small children. Determining losses can also prove difficult and an expert might be needed to calculate lost future earnings taking into account yearly raises, possible missed promotions and inflation. Funeral expenses, medical bills, pain and suffering along with loss of consortium also factor into a damages award.

Is there a timeline for filing a wrongful death claim in Georgia?

In Georgia, state law requires that personal injury claims generally must be filed within two years. The limitations period is shorter for a claim brought under the Georgia Tort Claims Act against the state. A plaintiff only has 12 months from discovering an injury to file suit. After the loss of a loved one, it often takes time for the shock to subside and to return to everyday life. While planning final arrangements it is also important to contact a personal injury attorney to discuss the circumstances of the fatal accident and possible remedies.

If you have lost a loved one —

If you have lost a loved one in a Georgia accident, we encourage you to speak with our personal injury / wrongful death attorneys. Our father and sons team will meet with you to discuss your claim and answer your questions. Reach us locally in Athens or Hartwell area by calling 706-377-4044 or email or contact us online.

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