Back in April of 2014, I inquired several lawyers about my work related injury. A few lawyers blew me off, wanting me to make an appointment a few weeks out, others promised me to get the max amount, then there was Mr. Jeremiah Van Dora. The day that I called him was 3 days after my injury and at 4:45pm. Not only was he a soft spoken individual that cared what happened and asking follow up questions, but he wanted to see me that day. I lived a half hour away and I have never heard of a lawyer that stayed late, unless it was right before a hearing or a trial (I grew up with attorneys and judges). This man treated me as if I have been a part of his family, genuinely cared for my well being, never once promised me the world or blow smoke up my pant leg-but promised me WE would get through this together. Not only is this man caring, but he is passionate about his career.

Mr. Van Dora had told me from the start what I was entitled to (medical and weekly compensation), what I should expect from him, and what was expected of me. I'm not much of a phone person, and Mr. Van Dora and I would send emails back and forth. It was easier for both of us to recall information, keeping records, and faster communication. He has made this terrible work accident (that has temporarily disabled me) a positive experience. He made it positive by constantly reminding me that this isn't permanent and this will heal. He was encouraging the entire time he represented me. My entire case lasted 9 months. Within those 9 months, I knew that everything was taken care of because of our open line of communication. He had my best interest in mind and executed a plan when the insurance company wasn't upholding their end. I am forever grateful for what this man has done and I will never forget how he treated me, like a person. I am very blessed that I had the opportunity to have him as my attorney.