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How Much is My Georgia Workers' Comp Case Worth?

Before you agree to any type of settlement it is important to make sure that the value of your case has been properly calculated. You may want to consider a free consultation with a local workers’ compensation attorney to get their opinion and eval…
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If you have been hurt in car wreck the first, and most important thing to do is to get medical treatment. Depending on how bad the injuries are you may be taken by ambulance to the emergency room for treatment right away.
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Northeast Georgia Motorcycle Accident Attorneys - May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Call the attorneys at The Van Dora Law Firm to set up a free consultation. When motorcycles are involved in accidents the injuries to the riders can be catastrophic and life-changing. The operators of motorcycles are at a much greater risk for severe…
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How long do I have to be employed to get workers' comp benefits in Georgia?

The answer is simple. The second you start working for an employer you are entitled to workers’ comp. It does not matter if you have been working for an employer for 10 years or 10 minutes.
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Do I Really Need a Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

An experienced workers’ comp attorney serves as your ally and your legal advocate. See five reasons you should consider hiring one instead of filing your claim alone.
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The Basics of Wrongful Death Claims in Georgia

Who brings a wrongful death lawsuit? The surviving spouse, parent or a child or children may bring the wrongful death action. One tragedy surrounding fatal auto accidents is that often the person killed is in the prime of life with a spouse and small…
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